ADZKIA – After success with Adzkia Berkebun program, students of SMA Adzkia Daarut Tauhiid has been tried to find a new innovation. For this time, they try to cattle catfishes.

Their expectation makes a good result. Three hundred seeds of catfish were treating; has been change to be 28 kg of catfishes just for three months. “Actually, we just try to cattle catfishes with conventional technique. After we got the seeds of catfishes, we just took them to the tub, and gave them feeds regularly. It’s about three of four month, it can be harvested,” said Coordinator of Adzkia Berkebun Program, Ustaz Tedi Kodin.

This harvest is first time for SMA Adzkia. Ustaz Tedi said that when their teams want to more focus, they will be getting more result. “For this project we get 189 of Catfishes. The amount is not enough for all our students, but it is quite good. My target for the first, we can harvest about 200 catfishes. That is a little less,” he said with laugh. For this first harvest, they got the advantages till one hundred fifty rupiah from the catfishes.

Ustaz Tedi said that, they sold the catfishes to kitchen service of SMA Adzkia and it has a little bit of profit. “But I think the profits are not quite with the benefits of experience for the students. With this project, they will try to be an entrepreneur. It can give the other choice after they graduate from SMA Adzkia, beside continue their education.”

Otherwise, Ustaz Tedi hopes for the second project, they will get more positive result.  “For this time the harvest result was enjoying by 189 students, and for the other students, we got the catfishes from outside vendors. I hope for the second project all of students can eat the catfishes from the own cattle,” said Ustaz Tedi closing the conversation. (HumAdz)

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