ADZKIA – Being a Science Student not will be boring. Every moment they study the lessons, they will be practice.

For this time, the Science Students of SMA Adzkia was try to change the colour of solution. “Yesterday we tried to test the concentration of solution. At the topic of acid base titration, we tried to test the  concentration  of solution,” said Ustazah Meliyani, teacher of Chemistry lessons, a few times ago. Ustazah Meli think, at this practice, the students not only study about the theory concentrate of solution, but also trying to more be patient.

“When they wait the concentration of solution change from acid to base, they can learn about the patient,” said her. To make concentration acid change be neutralized to base, it need a time. The colour of that concentration will be changing when they got point an equivalent. “the changing colour of this concentration, from the colourless solution to be a violet, and then they feel amazed. Every students say whooaa, that’s cool, Ustazah,” said Ustazah Meli.

To make this practice perfect, Ustazah Meli ask the students to do two times practices, and both of practice the students must play safety. “They are must obey the standard operational procedure because this practice have a high risk. In this practice, we use 10.4 molar concentration of chloride acid (HCl). It makes the gas being corrosive and very dangerous if inhaled to our lungs.”

For doing practice that makes high risk, SMA Adzkia Daarut Tauhiid gave priority to the students. “We must use respirator mask single filter, goggles, special gloves, and suit laboratory, to avoid dangerous happen. That mask and other equipments will be protected us from the dangerous gas,” said her.

In the laboratory, the students also must to use shocks. They should be careful with the other when they want to make a perfect practice. “in the laboratory we have a slogan, talk less do more, because when the practice happen, make the air bring the chemical particles although we never could see them. So, we should be carefully,” Ustazah Meli said, close the conversation. (HumAdz)


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